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External Visual Inspection

Visual exam completed on lot according with SAE AS6081/AS6171 and IDEA-STD-1010-B. External visible inspection consists of exam for proof of previous use, secondary coating, socket pulls, re-tinning, lead reforming etc. External Visual Inspection, if nicely completed, can result in a excessive seize price of suspect or fraudulent/counterfeit elements. A bargain of fraudulent/counterfeit are elements which have been recycled;i.e., taken off forums or assemblies and transformed withinside the shape of straightening and re-tinning the leads, remarking with the aid of using sanding off the unique marking, and/or blacktopping to cover the sanding marks after which remarking. Full written commentary of non-conformities is blanketed withinside the check report.
External visible inspection may also monitor proof of remarking in which the unique marking became eliminated with the aid of using chemical or mechanical means, and the marking location became resurfaced or masked with a fabric that could or might not suit the unique floor. Any elimination of the unique floor finish, laser markings, or ink markings is a sign the component can be fraudulent or counterfeit.