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Electronic Resistance to Solvent Testing

The Progress behind this test is to check that the markings on segment parts won't get messy when exposed to solvents (for example during the board cleaning measure after parts gathering) or during ordinary dealing with, and that the solvents utilized for the test won't cause pernicious, mechanical or electrical harm, or crumbling of the materials or completions. The relevant test guidelines are MIL-STD-750 strategy 1022, MIL-STD-883 technique 2015, or ESCC 24800, among others, contingent upon the part type. This test is executed by inundating test parts in the dissolvable determined in the appropriate strategy and afterward brushing the markings with a little brush. At the finish of the test, any proof of harm to the gadget, completely or in part missing markings, and markings which are blurred, spread or obscured to the degree that they can't be promptly recognized are deciphered as a disappointment.