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Electronic Component Test

A wide range of gadgets have various capacities, so they should be tried in an unexpected way. Also, there are various degrees of testing. To intensify the disarray, various organizations utilize distinctive wording and here and there, lamentably, with the goal to astound would-be purchasers into straightforward testing with great sounding names and abbreviations just to discover past the point of no return that implied two pins being tried with an uncalibrated handheld side interest multimeter. Foxconn Lab is totally straightforward from the underlying meeting and citation about precisely what the test technique and plan ought to be. The key is to be exact in correspondence just as in the test and detailing. It takes a completely prepared lab to have the option to test for parametric execution, usefulness, and as far as possible up to temperature reach and exchanging attributes (speed). Also, that is the way you truly recognize quality issues. Fundamental testing is periodically excessively essential.

Featured Test Service

Testing of devices such as transistors, diodes, microelectronics &integrated circuits using MIL-STD-202 &MIL-STD-750 test methods.

The proliferation of counterfeit and substandard electronic components infiltrating the global supply chain requires highly reliable, cost-effective test and analysis solutions for ALL orders - large and small. AAA is a quick-turn, ISO/IEC 17025 accredited lab, designed to rapidly detect and report product non-conformities and provide reliable electrical test services.

Fake Component Detection Test

We are the Chip Police! Since 1996, FoxconnLab has been taking on the conflict against fake electronic parts at the bleeding edge, yet at Ground Zero. The main fake recognition organization working in China, before the norms were even composed. We composed the norms, have the most experienced Engineering and Customer Support groups, and the most broad lab abilities. Who are you going to trust? Extensive examination is needed to recognize real item from fake and unsatisfactory ones. A glance at our MLCC administration bundle or the help profile for Active Discretes will reveal to you that it needs something other than a straightforward test.FoxconnLab being worried about the issue and mindful of its effect on our clients has singularly characterized a total cycle of the specialized administration of the store network, from the provider choice and checking right, through to the reviews and testing methods meant to forestall fake segments entering the assembling line. 

Electronic Lifecycle Test

Certainly, they work today. However, will they actually be working one week from now? Organizations may have no doable choice other than to utilize restored item for out of date parts, so will more seasoned parts actually work? New plans should be tried to ensure they meet their planned exhibition. Items should be pushed to perceive what conditions they can deal with.The existence cycle crisscross issue necessitates that designers be insightful of what parts will be accessible and outdated when the item is to be fabricated. Cutting edge leaves behind improved execution attributes should be expected in the plan, to guarantee that circuit timing, commotion edges, and EMI nonconformances don't unexpectedly emerge at the item level. A costly part today may not be so at the hour of production, yet gathering cycles may must be updated to utilize the upcoming parts. In the event that the item requires a long application life, an open design, or a sections out of date quality technique, like preventive overhaul, lifetime purchase, reseller's exchange buys or part replacement might be required.



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