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Pcb Test

Components are getting smaller and PCBs are getting more complex. During AOI testing, high-speed computer cameras look for missing components Position misalignment Incorrect parts, Return cable defects Weld integrity And height deviation to determine if the test passes:missing component, offset, incorrect part, polarity of the lifting cable, flat copper wire (90 ° angle to the plate), tombstone (90 ° angle) ° relative to the plate). Solder printing (GERBER data, automatic or manual sampling):Solder paste, No wear, Shorted solders and fillets check red LED with M22X fw):Missing components, warped or offset embossing, billboards inverted or incorrect polarity Check components up to 0603 mm (0201 ″) in diameter.

Check the PCB for short, open, resistive and capacitive points to make sure the assembly is correct or not.

InCircuit inspection detects manufacturing defects quickly and is accurate. services for the development of programs and the production of accessories.

Development of standard programs for printed circuit boards Standard programs are economical and provide fast response.
This service is best suited for customers with standard technology or limited time and budget.
If necessary, the standard programs can be upgraded to extended programs later.
For complex boards and for customers who require the greatest possible error coverage in the ICT phase, advanced programs add the following steps to the standard program:Fast, accurate and high error rate.
The circuit board is neat and fast.
Without test equipment, the Probe precession can access various assembled components such as PLCC, SOIC, PGA, SSOP and QFP on PCB assemblies.

Flying Probe PCB Testing Ideal for Increasing PCB Manufacturing PCB Prototype Testing PCB Sample Testing Large PCB

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